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Traditional Cranberry Herbal Products Complete Guide

Updated: Jan 14, 2022

Cranberry Herbal

The cranberries originated in North America and usually grow in the mountains of Georgia. They have also been cultivated in Cape Cod since the early 1800s. However, its cultivation started in Cape Cod but then it spread to New Jersey and other parts of America. When the locals got to know about its uses and benefits, they started to plant cranberries in their farms for home use and a small market surplus. Due to the lack of adequate technology, the commercial cranberry was eliminated from the markets and was replaced with fresh cranberry canned sauce. But now when we have adequate technology and complete knowledge, commercial cranberries are back in the market.

Cranberry Herbal

Cranberry herbal is an evergreen shrub that usually grows in wetlands or bogs. This shrub has pink flowers and egg-shaped dark red fruits. If we talk about food products the Cranberry herbal fruit is used in cranberry juice, cranberry cocktail, jelly, and sauce. Most commonly cranberries are used for the prevention of urinary tract infections. Some people do think that cranberries can also be used for the treatment of urinary tract infections but it is not true. Cranberries can only prevent the urinary tract infection from happening but once you get it the cranberries can not be used for its treatment. You can say that the chemicals in cranberries have the ability to keep bacteria from sticking to the cells of the urinary tract but they cannot release the bacteria which is already stuck to the cells of the urinary tract.

Cranberry herbal is also beneficial for kidney stones, common cold, enlarged prostate, and for the prevention and treatment of many other diseases.

Cranberry Herbal Supplements Benefits

Cranberry Herbal Supplements Benefits

There are many cranberry herbal supplements benefits, some of which are scientifically proven like prevention of urinary tract infection while others are not scientifically proven but are believed by people like prevention from heart disease, digestive tract infection, kidney stones, prostate cancer, and overactive bladder. However if you're concern about how do Cranberry herbal pills help UTI, you should continue reading this article...

Preventing and Remedying Urinary Tract Infections (UTIs)

It is well known many individuals use cranberry herbal products as prophylaxis to aid in the prevention of urethral infections. Many individuals also prefer to use herbal cranberry extract as the first line of defense before taking any pharmaceutical drugs when feeling an onset of urinary tract disturbances.

How do Cranberry Pills Help UTI

The continuous use of cranberry herbal products can help to prevent urinary tract disturbances that may be caused by bacterial infections in the senior population and pregnant women. However, there are some conflicting issues about the management of urinary tract disturbances by cranberry herbal products.

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For example, research has shown that medical professionals commonly recommend cranberries to women who are facing recurrent UTIs. Another research has shown that taking cranberry extract capsules plays a more beneficial role in the management of urinary tract disturbances and infections than the cranberry herbal juice alternative.

So How Do They Work?

Herbal cranberry extracts contain a high level of antioxidant proanthocyanidins (PACs) which prevent attachment of bacteria in the urinary tract. Capsules containing cranberry extract use a standardized amount of proanthocyanidins (PACs) so you know that you will be getting the same concentration of PACs as stated on the label.

That is why most healthcare professionals may show preference towards cranberry herbal capsules instead of drinking cranberry juice.

So, there's many cranberry herbal supplements benefits for using them and it also have a beneficial role in maintaining a healthy urinary tract, however, you should always consult with your healthcare provider before taking any supplement.

Improving Heart Health

Researches have shown that drinking cranberry juice for UTI or taking cranberry herbal supplements may aid in maintaining heart health by playing a positive role in blood pressure and body mass index. Different research has indicated that taking cranberry herbal supplements regularly along with a healthy diet can aid cardiovascular health.

Reviews also have attested that cranberry herbal supplements may also

  • Help to reduce body mass index and improve the level of high-density lipoprotein (good cholesterol).

  • Help promote healthy weight.

  • A low-calorie cranberry beverage with a high content of plant compounds may improve a person’s regulation of blood sugar.

Although cranberry extract may be efficient in having a positive effect on healthy blood pressure and body mass index, it has does not seem to have any effect on the cholesterol level of the human body.

Supporting Digestive Health

Digestive health can be a source of many issues that can arise if one was to consume unhealthy processed foods. We always recommend keeping a balanced diet consisting of organic foods to keep our digestive system in the best shape possible.

Cranberry herbal products support digestive health by helping to prevent digestive tract disturbances. Digestive tract infections are harmful and can lead to problems such as ulcers and acid reflux. Cranberry herbal products play a positive role in promoting healthy bacteria in the digestive tract. Also, it is believed that taking cranberry herbal products or drinking cranberry juice for 90 days can be beneficial in eliminating ulcers, but more evidence is needed to confirm this.

If facing digestive tract disturbances, cranberry extract supplements or juice may play a very beneficial role in restoring healthy digestive tract function. Always consult your doctor before taking any supplement.

Prostate Health

Cranberry herbal products also aid in the maintenance of prostate health.

Taking dried cranberries might reduce harmful chemicals that may show a correlation to prostate cancer. Cranberry herbal supplements benefits for men with elevated PSA and can help aid in promoting the healthy voiding of urine.

So cranberries are effective in the prevention of cancer. But once you get it, there is no scientific assurity that cranberry will help in slowing it down.

Cranberry Herbal Supplement Side Effects

Cranberry Herbal Supplement Side Effects
Cranberry Herbal Supplement Side Effects

If you are taking the average amount of cranberry which is desired by your body then it can be only helpful but if you have increased your intake but your diet is not so healthy then it may cause you with some cranberry herbal supplement side effects.

Some cranberry herbal supplement side effects are like, some cranberry juices are not good in taste that is why they are sweetened with extra sugar to make them taste good and drinkable. So if you are a patient with diabetes then you should avoid drinking that kind of juices and should stick with cranberry juices with artificial sweeteners.

Cranberry juices are considered healthy and safe for most adults but if you are drinking more than required by your body then cranberry juices can be a reason for diarrhea.

It is advisable to use cranberry herbal products in proper amounts with a good diet so that they can only be beneficial for your body, not impacted by cranberry herbal supplement side effects.

Recommended Dosages to Prevent Side Effects

There are no fixed doses to prevent side effects cranberry herbal supplement. The recommended dosages vary from person to person. Children under the age of 12 should consult a doctor before consuming any amount of supplement. Along with cranberry products, diet should be balanced to prevent side effects.

If you prefer cranberry juice on cranberry herbal supplements then it is advisable to drink from 200 to 1000 ml/day in divided doses. This dose is recommended for adults thus children should take a smaller amount to avoid gastrointestinal discomfort. If you take more than that then it can be a reason to give you diarrhea or in a worse condition, it can also be a reason for kidney stones.

Cranberry herbal supplements in the form of pills i.e tablets or capsules are available in the range of 400 mg to 800 mg. It is recommended to take these pills in divided doses.

Best Cranberry Herbal Supplements

Supplement brands have started to create pills and capsules of cranberry products in replacement of fresh cranberries as it is difficult to find fresh cranberries all year round. It is also more convenient to to take a controlled amount of cranberry concentrate in one or two pills. Quality of cranberry extract is ensured as supplements undergo quality control testing before going on the market shelf. An added feature of cranberry herbal supplements is the form of tablet and capsule storage. Supplements can be stored unopened for up to three years from the manufacture date. It is important to note that once the bottle is opened the product will have a different shelf life than the expiration date printed on the bottle. We recommend you to consult the brand company which you plan to purchase supplements from.

LLAP Health Lactoberry Herbal Formulation

LLAP Health Lectoberry Cranberry

Cranberries found in Lactoberry are derived from 100% whole fruit offering all the benefits of cranberries at a standardized level of proanthocyanidins which can help maintain a healthy urinary tract in both men and women. The extraction method of our cranberry extract does not use any carries nor solvents.

In addition to whole fruit cranberries, Lactoberry Cranberry formulation also contains vitamin C to help promote a healthy immune system, D-Mannose to help work in synergy with cranberries which have a positive effect on urinary tract health and probiotics. LactoBerry also contains lactobacillus acidophiles which is considered as “good” bacteria to further aid the body in marinating normal stasis.

LLAP Health - LactoBerry is manufactured in a state-of-the-art manufacturing facility in Florida, USA. All of it’s products undergo quality control testing to ensure great quality.

Nature’s way premium herbal cranberry fruit

herbal cranberry


You can make your routine a little healthier with a daily dose of Nature’s way premium herbal cranberry fruit.

Basically cranberry juice is used for the prevention of urinary tract infections but if you do not want to ingest extra added sugar in cranberry juice. Then you can leave the juice and choose these capsules to help yourself stay away from UTI. One dose of Nature’s way premium herbal cranberry fruit contains 930 mg of cranberry fruit extract with added vitamins and antioxidants to make unpleasant infections like UTI and digestive infections less painful.

Puritan’s Pride one a day cranberry capsules



If you are an adult who has a good diet then puritan’s pride one a day cranberry capsule could be a good choice for you. Because it contains a bulk quantity of cranberry herbal extracts.

You should be saving every chance to make your health better and for this purpose Puritan’s Pride, one-a-day cranberry capsules can help you a lot. There are 120 capsules in the bottle and each capsule contains 25000 mg of cranberry herbal fruit extract. That is more than any other supplement of cranberry. This is why it is a little costly but it is completely worth buying and taking.

Which cranberry supplement is most preferable?

Even though all of the above-mentioned supplements are some of the best but if you want to know which company provides the top cranberry supplements then our only recommendation is LLAP Health provides great quality products such as Lactoberry at the most economical rates because they care about their customers, not their revenues. You can also trust us to buy top-quality lactoberry products.


It is suggested to use cranberry herbal products with the advice of your doctor. Although we provide you with information regarding the origin, introduction, uses, and side effects of cranberry products. We recommend that you do your own research regarding cranberries and strongly recommend consulting your healthcare provider before taking any supplements of any kind. Still, if you feel like having any queries or questions, feel free to ask us in the comment section. We would love to provide suitable answers as soon as possible.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ's)

1. Where can I buy Cranberry Herbal Products?

Cranberry herbal products are a good way to maintain a healthy urinary tract without the use of pharmaceutical drugs and may play a role in preventing you from dangerous infections. It is always a good idea to look for reputable supplement brands with a good healthy business model. A good way to see if you are getting a good quality product is to visit the company website and assess the mission and vision of the supplement provider. You can check out our website by clicking here It is always a good sign if the company greatly cares about its customers and reputation. A good supplement provider will always care about the quality of products as it is essential for safety and customer satisfaction. Always check where the product is manufactured. Products manufactured in the US must adhere to tough FDA regulations with standards that ensure you are not being cheated with regards to what is stated on the label vs what is inside the capsule/tablet.

2. Are Cranberry supplements good for health?

Cranberry supplements are good for health because they can help you to stay from different kinds of infections like urinary tract disturbances caused by bacteria or digestive tract anomalies. They play a positive role in prostate health and can promote healthy blood pressure. But this will only be possible with proper doses of cranberry supplement, a healthy diet, and lifestyle. Otherwise, they can also cause some side effects to your body like diarrhea, or in the worst condition, they can also cause kidney stones due to an excessive amount of oxalate.

3. Why can’t I find fresh cranberries all year?

Farmers usually harvest cranberries in the mid of September till early November. That is why you can get fresh cranberries only in the fall season. But you do not have to worry about cranberries because with the advancement in technology you can get canned cranberries from different markets the whole year. Also, there are a number of cranberry supplements that can give you the proper benefit of whole cranberry fruit. LLAP health Lactoberry Cranberry D Mannose, Nature’s way premium herbal cranberry fruit, etc.

4. What is the best way to store Cranberries?

Cranberries are liked to be kept cold and that is why they can be stored easily. If you have bought cranberries from a market and they are in a plastic bag then just put them in your freezer for as long as you want and they will be good to use whenever you want to use them. But if you have bought them directly from a farmer and they are in a brown bag then you can transfer them into an air-tight bag and then put them in your freezer.

5. What is the benefit of buying cranberry herbal supplements vs cranberries at the store?

Both options are good. But with supplements, you can get a high concentration of cranberry extract in just one or two capsules without having to consume a large quantity of store-bought cranberries. Some products have the added benefit of other ingredients which will work in synergies such as D-Mannose and vitamin C. Supplements have the added benefit of having a long expiration date and can be stored for much longer than fresh cranberries.

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